This is what is used to randomize the items. You can generate a duplicate seed if the same name is used.

World Pools

All of these categories contain Treasures, Events & Bonuses

Miscellaneous Pools

Starting Abilities, Starting Keyblade and Sora's Level Up Rewards.
Abilities found on Armor, Accessories and base Keyblades.
Rewards given to Sora after defeating a Data Battle, like Data Young Xehanort.
Synthesis Items, Photo Mission Rewards and Abilities gained from leveling up Keyblades.
Abilities gained for a limited amount of time from eating fullcourse meals.
Rewards earned for finding Lucky Emblems.
Rewards earned for max completing a Flan Missions.
Rewards earned for obtaining an A-Rank in a Minigame.
Rewards earned for completing a Battle Portal.


Allows None to appear in all Pools. For instance, opening a chest may have nothing in it.
Keeps Sora's base abilities from being randomized, like Pole Spin, Dodge, Block, etc.
Keeps Sora's base critical abilities from being randomized, like Critical Converter, Critical Counter, etc.
Keeps Sora's early critical abilities earned from being randomized, like Air Slide, Superslide, etc.
Is Plandomizer:
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